18 June 2014

The WAT: Arsenal to try new 0-1-0 formation

Having negated the need for new, returning, or current first team players with the signing of Mesut Ozil in 2013, Arsene Wenger may be adopting a new midfield-heavy 0-1-0 formation during pre-season training after the World Cup.

The new formation will feature Mesut Ozil in all outfield positions and, with limited goalkeeping options, Wojciech Szczesny featuring largely in the "rotation."
Ozil kicking ball, running after ball, then kicking it back the other direction at training.

The always excitable Arsenal fan and first/only team keeper announced his excitement to get back to basics in the upcoming season. "Mesut is a great, great player. I'm looking forward to us getting a lot closer this year. Also, I haven't talked to the boss yet, but I'm hoping maybe I can get some outfield play time in some big games this season, too."

Unfortunately for the Pole, that may prove impossible, as the aforementioned Ozil acquisition precludes signing -- or keeping -- any other outfield players now and forever. When asked about adding depth to the squad, Wenger was dismissive: "There are a lot of top class players on the market this summer, some of them already at Arsenal -- but when we signed Mesut, euuuuh, he filled these positions."

Passing on the previously red-kitted Cesc Fabregas already this transfer season saw the former Gunner off to Chelsea for a contract lasting long enough to see out the end of his playing career. And the Spanish exodus may yet continue, with Santi Cazorla('s agent) eyeing propositions from Atletico Madrid.

Meanwhile, midfielder Mesut Ozil has been struggling to adapt to the Premier League since his arrival, and the added pressure of potentially being the only outfield player for all competitions has only added to the problem.

"I'm no stranger to pressure," Ozil says, "we would play 3 on 11, 2 on 11, all the time at Real Madrid. But if Wojciech picks up an injury, I might be the entire first team for the rest of the season, which is not my preferred position. I'm a midfielder; not a midfielder/defender/forward/keeper/physio/fourth official. I am exploring other options this summer."

At press time, Wenger continued to play hard soccerball: "If Mesut decides to leave, that's fine. There is a buyback clause in his contract, so we can re-sign him whenever we want, no big deal."

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