05 September 2013

Daily Links: The Looking Around Edition

We’re starting to see some of the fallout of the transfer window, though, unfortunately, none of it is on the pitch. I’m sure many Gooners are still buzzing from the Ozil transfer and why shouldn’t you be? We, as a fan base, have been crying for world class players to be brought in and finally the club has delivered. It’s been a long time coming.

Cesc Fabregas and Joachim Low chime in on their surprise regarding Ozil’s transfer. The transfer pretty much shuts the door on a potential Fabregas return to the Emirates and I’m going to go cry in the corner now. (Guardian)

I’m not a big fan of Deadspin’s sports coverage, but this column on the North London Derby is sure to put a smile on your face. (Deadspin)

Now that the window is over, it appears Arsene’s next bit of business is to offer Sagna, Mertesacker, and Rosicky new deals. Sagna looks to be earning that new contract both through his play and his utility by playing centerback. Mertesacker is the man and also a leader in the locker room. Rosicky just owns. (Telegraph)
Jack Wilshere says he feels better which is obviously great news. Unfortunately, this also means that he was able to train with England, which is disconcerting. (Twitter)

The Welsh manager, Gary Chris Coleman, has praised Aaron Ramsey’s performances. He says that if Ramsey continues to play as he has, it will be hard for him to lose his place in the Arsenal line up. I’d tend to agree. When Wilshere can’t crack the line up, blame Ramsey. (Independent)

Even in trying times, Nigeria has a love affair with Arsenal. Sports man, sports. (Guardian)

Have you had enough Tottenham Schadenfreude for one week? Well, Daniel Levy tried to stop the Ozil transfer, citing the “partnership” between Real and Spurs. LESSON: Don’t get into bed with a polygamist. (Daily Mail)

Looking around the League,

Spurs added and despite the loss and Ozil arriving at the Emirates, they should still set their sights on the Top Four says Darren Lewis. Have we reached our quota on snide comments about Tottenham? Damn. (Mirror)

Across the capital, Chelsea is worried about the fitness of Eden Hazard after he was forced out of training with the Belgian national team due to soreness in his achilles. He is still expected to play against Scotland tomorrow. And now I’m listening to Achilles Last Stand. (Daily Mail)

If you think Arsenal had a bad transfer window, you should talk to a Manchester United fan. They’re mad and they’re seeking an inquest to sit down with the Vice-Chairman, Ed Woodward. (Guardian)

United has chosen to appease their fans by giving Nani a new contract, although the only people that should be appeased by this are Nani and his agent. (BBC)

Old friend [snickers], Robin Van Persie has refuted reports that he’s unhappy at Manchester United. You’re playing for David Moyes, I’d understand if you were unhappy, Robin. (ESPN FC)

Meanwhile, Moyes is oblivious to the criticism he is receiving. And he still hasn’t won a game at Anfield. (Telegraph)

Speaking of the Scousers, Brendan Rodgers has said that Luis Suarez will play on the wing once he returns from his biting suspension. It’s probably for the best, since the latest studies suggest that centerbacks taste better. (Guardian)

Former Liverpool midfielder, Dietmar Hamann, believes that Liverpool can challenge for the Top Four. In the past, I’d cackle at this, but I honestly think that Liverpool had a great summer between adding depth and keeping Suarez. (Goal)

Finally, Daniel Taylor talks about the “Joe Hart problem,” which I am sure City will solve by throwing money at it. (Guardian)

I know that that’s a lot to take in, but hopefully, it gets you through your work day. The weekend is right around the corner.

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