21 August 2013

Daily Links: The Just Win Baby Edition

You will not see this for at least 12 weeks.
(Photo courtesy Ronnie Macdonald)
Good morning folks. I know that this isn’t exactly the most peaceful time to be a supporter of the Arsenal, but I hope you’re all excited for the Champions League first leg against Fenerbahçe. If you aren’t, I suggest you check out Jon Gold’s match preview. If you are, please read it as well. We’ll have a Whining Wednesday post by Andrew Klema on how Wenger needs to change his mind set up later.

Not to get anyone's hopes up, but today’s opponent does have a match fixing appeal court date next week, which could see the Turkish side booted from the Champions League if Arsenal doesn’t do it themselves. (Guardian)

Yesterday, we learned that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain would be out “for a while.” We learned that that meant 12 weeks from Ox last night. (Twitter)

Juventus says that Paul Pogba is not for sale. Add him to the banner.  (Telegraph)
Henry Winter writes that Arsene Wenger must get tougher in the Transfer Market or admit he needs help.  Or you know, be less stubborn. Or you know, be less thrifty. Or… (Telegraph)

Arsenal is having a disastrous summer. Gee, ya think? Oh and the Champions League fate can dictate the season? Really? More Arsenal transfer hot takes. (Guardian)

This headline is misleading because while Arsenal did miss out on David Villa for €2.3 million, it ignores the fact that Atletico gave Barcelona first refusal on Oliver Torres. Just a minor detail. (Fox Sports)

In other news, Bernd Schuster has suggested that Iker Casillas should leave the Bernabeu. I would personally love to get Casillas at the Emirates. He’s only won La Liga, the Champions League, the Intercontinental Cup, the European Championship, and the World Cup. No Premier League though. (ESPN FC)

On the bright side, it appears that Gareth Bale might leave for Real after all. If so, Tottenham’s summer will have mirrored our summer from last year with many signings and a star departing. (Telegraph)

I hope you all didn’t get too depressed reading these links. There’s a big game today. Hopefully, Arsenal can get a favorable result heading home for the second leg.


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