14 August 2013

Daily Links: You're Just a Diving, Biting Racist Edition

Luis Suarez bites people.
(Photo courtesy Gwydion M. Williams)
So now that Luis Suarez has accepted his fate as a great player on a mediocre team -- allegedly -- and he's even considering signing a new contract -- supposedly -- Arsene Wenger's focus has -- apparently -- turned to a few other players he will try -- unsuccessfully -- to sign.

Again, we enter the final few weeks of the Transfer Window without the type of upgrade that makes Arsenal a realistic contender for anything other than a Champions League berth. But, hey, at least we aren't Spurs.

Our own Ryan Fleming goes into this more in his debut piece, which goes live later today, but The Boss is looking at Manchester City's Edin Dzeko and Swansea's Michu apparently. Neither of those things will happen, by the way. (Daily Mail)
As a rights holder, NBC is boosting its coverage of professional soccer to promote its product (Premier League games) and educate fans of the league. Here's their look at Arsenal preview as the season's kickoff approaches quickly. (Pro Soccer Talk)

Apparently, Bill Shankly came to Luis Suarez in a dream or something because he's decided he never, ever, ever wanted to leave Anfield at all. Suarez is basically just accepting his fate at this point, but why not feed into Liverpool fans' belief that their club is still relevant at the same time? (ESPN FC)

So why isn't Arsenal spending? Well, no one really knows. But here's an interesting analysis of the club's financial situation, which may help us glean a little in the thinking of the organization as a whole. (The Swiss Ramble)

Gareth Bale is staying mum on a potential move to Real Madrid mostly because he doesn't want to jinx it, I think. (ESPN FC)

Manchester United isn't selling Wayne Rooney apparently despite repeated overtures from Chelsea -- and Arsenal depending on what you believe. As a result, a potential move for Samuel Eto'o may be in the works. If Chelsea gets Eto'o for £5 million, I'll be pretty unhappy. (The Guardian)

Stewart Downing is off to West Ham after a disappointing spell at Liverpool. This is bad news primarily because we don't get to listen to Liverpool fans rationalize his signing anymore. (ESPN FC)

Aron Johannsson received clearance from FIFA to play for the U.S. after appearing for Iceland as a U-21. The AZ Alkamaar forward has been named to the USMNT side for today's friendly with Bosnia-Herzegovina at 2:30 p.m. (ESPN FC)

The Football Ramble is a weekly podcast that runs on Tuesdays. It's pretty great. It's also the only time I ever refer to the sport as "football." Here's the first episode of the new season. (The Football Ramble)

Ditto for Football Weekly. The first show of the season was recorded just before Suarez' declared his unwavering loyalty to the second-best club from Merseyside, so it's already a bit outdated. (Football Weekly)

On this day 17 years ago, Arsenal signed Patrick Vieira from AC Milan. (Twitter)

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  1. I love Patrick Vieira and have no memories of him doing anything for Manchester City whatsoever NO STOP SAYING WORDS LALALALALALA