15 August 2013

Daily Links: More Money, More Problems and FIFA is the Worst Edition

So, the sadness continues. Arsenal still haven't signed anybody, you can go back to your sandwich. Our squad situation, which I'll lightly describe as less than ideal, to purposely leave out necessary expletives, could have gotten that much worse. In what only could be described as an idiotic move by FIFA -- a week after many leagues opened and more importantly three days from the beginning of Arsenal's -- a giant round of International Friendlies were played. It seems that all things considered Wenger's faithful few are still in one piece, barring a few cuts and bruises.  

There are rumors circulating that Mikel Arteta is out, suffering a thigh injury and goal scorers Santi Carzorla and Theo Walcott could be too winded to at least start in Saturday's premier. To say that the squad's quality would be lessened by the absence of these players is obvious. Here's to hoping for the best. (Sky Sports)

In something that we have grown all too accustomed to, we seem to be losing out to another player, Luis Gustavo. This is really a head scratcher because not only are we missing out on the talents of Mr. Gustavo, but we are doing so because of wages. Wages! (The Guardian)

Nicklas Bendtner could finally be on his way out of the Emirates. Let's just hope he isn't driving. (The Metro)

In what would be a much needed addition to the squad, Stephan Lichtsteiner could be on his way to Emirates to provide some cover for Sagna at RB. Lichtsteiner is a player that simply does his job in a no BS fashion and at the Emirates, that's all we want right now. (The Express)

One of the league's brightest additions last season, Michu, apparently could be finding his way to North London. The long-haired Spaniard seems to be on Wenger's radar while the whole Suarez saga seems to taken a back seat. (The Telegraph)

Over at the Third Kit, one of our friends Chris Boulay, despite him being a silly Liverpool supporter, wrote about three new clubs coming into the league this year and if they're going to stay up or not.

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