20 August 2013

Daily Links: The At Least We're in the Champions League Edition

Despite the completely deserved fear, uncertainty and doubt facing Arsenal at the moment, the performance of last season's final few months has still guaranteed a chance at the Champions League's group stage. As you've heard, Arsenal is in Istanbul right now awaiting their first leg with Turkey's second fiddle, Fenerbahce.

Bacary Sagna's injury is not as bad as feared.
(Photo courtesy Warwick Gastinger)
Jon Gold's match preview will be up later today, so I won't focus too heavily on the fixture itself. However, there is some good news ahead of the tie.

Bacary Sagna, Kieran Gibbs and everyone else we feared injured after the loss to Villa seems to be in better shape than expected -- except Ox. No one's sure if they'll play or not, but the fact that we can even have the conversation means they're healthier than we expected. (The Telegraph)

I don't really know how long "a while" is, but that's how long Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is out for. Hopefully, Anthony Taylor is also done for "a while" for letting the match deteriorate as it did leading to these damn injuries. (The Independent)

I encourage you all to check out our piece from yesterday about the role Mikel Arteta's absence played in Saturday's debacle. (One Club on Boylston)

As we all heard, Arsenal is interested in Yohan Cabaye, and it's likely that more bids will follow. (The Guardian)

Alan Pardew was unhappy with the timing of Arsenal's bid for Yohan Cabaye. Sorry, bud. (BBC)

Jamie Carragher thinks Arsenal attempting to sign players is a sign of panic. Judging by the last few years of Carra's career, I'd say he's the expert in this field. (Sky Sports)

Olivier Giroud is a confident guy, but even he thinks Arsenal needs some help up front. (Evening Standard)

Fenerbahce fans enjoy acting like awful people at matches. The club also likes fixing those matches. As a result, they received a two-year ban for this behavior, which is currently being appealed. The appeal will be ruled on next week. So we may even win if we lose! (BBC)

Never one to be unprepared, Jose Mourinho has a "Plan C" in case a bid for Wayne Rooney fails. This articles gives out a few names, but the answer is Didier Drogba. (ESPN FC)

Interesting take here on the risk Neymar ran by signing for Barcelona ahead of the World Cup. Obviously, he'll be in Brazil's team barring injury, but how much will he have left in the tank? (ESPN FC)

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  1. Hey, remember how Arsenal almost got Drogba before he wound up going to Chelsea? Haven't thought about that a million times in the last few years.